Boxwood Beaded Curtains made to measure from wooden beads: Boxwood (buis) bead curtains sold online by mail order from Flayosc, Provence, FranceHand-made boxwood (buis) beaded door curtains from Provence by mail order. Order Online made to measure wood bead curtains from Provence, France.
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   Provencal Boxwood Bead Curtains
Quartier Carasse
83780 FLAYOSC, Provence
Tel: 04 94 70 44 38 or 06 72 26 57 31
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Provence Online Shopping:

An online boutique in Flayosc which stocks a range of Provencal goodies
and ships worldwide.


The official web site of my village Flayosc, Var, Provence, France.

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